Store migration

Starting at PKR 3,863


Home and garden, Clothing and fashion, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories

Response time

within a few hours

Included in starting price

➽ Same or new theme implementation in Shopify
➽ Mobile Responsive design
➽ Navigation, categories & sub categories set-up
➽ Collections set-up
➽ Product page set-up
➽ Cart page & Checkout set-up
➽ Informative pages (About, Contact etc.)
➽ Email list subscription, pop-up
➽ Basic apps integration (up to 5)
➽ Domain pointing support
➽ Products migration guidance
➽ Admin panel guidance
➽ URL Redirects guidance
➽ Blog, orders, customers etc. migration guidance

Starts from $25/Hour

Additional work and price information

Additional features can be added for extra cost like:
➽ Fully custom theme design
➽ Search filters on Collections
➽ Product page customization
➽ Subscription set-up
➽ Discounts/offer set-up
➽ Sales channels integration
➽ Checkout customization, custom scripts, flow (Shopify PLUS)
➽ 3rd Party API integration
➽ Tracking scripts, Google analytics, Facebook Pixel etc.
➽ Conversion rate optimization
➽ Page loading speed optimization